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Lawrence Hamm's Blog
November 2009
Friends and Followers... Welcome to Finland, 11.20

Its Friday evening, and I've just finished cleaning the apartment and gathering my gear for the game. I have been in Finland for about four weeks now. I have been really focused on performing well on the court, taking in the coach's system and finding where I fit in to the organization. I must say God is good, giving me the opportunity to play with unselfish teammates and overall good people.

To update you, I have had six double doubles in seven games, along with two 30+ point games. To date I am averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds, that puts me third in scoring and first in rebounding in the country. Today, we have a game and a good chance to go on a winning streak. So I am doing my job and will continue to work hard to help my team win games.

The country itself is not too different from the other places I have been in Europe. It has been cold, but not to the point where it’s unbearable, although I hear it will be freezing very soon, I have clothes that will keep me warm. The people here speak English normally, so there isn’t really a language barrier compared to some other places in Europe.

My teammates and I have been hanging out in Helsinki in our off time. Helsinki is the capital of Finland; there are nice places to shop and a lively nightlife. My two American teammates are from Harlem, New York (Charlie Burgess) and Houston, Texas (Darryl Dora). They both attended Texas Tech University. We have gotten along fine, which makes being away from friends and family a little easier. Together, we are the backbone of the team and we are all dedicated to making this year a success.

We are still working on the future of Hamm Camp, so keep your eyes open as we continue to do more and provide high quality products and activities for those who want to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by the website.

October 2009
New Contract, New Team, New Country. 10.17

Hello all,

I hope you are all doing well; there have been a lot of happenings in the past few months. I participated in a tryout for the NBA D League, which the first day 50 people attended. The first afternoon 30 people were cut; I remained in the final 20. There was a second session where coached noted me being in the top 10. Following the tryout the coach said he would call each of the remaining 20 to let them know if they made the team or not. When speaking to other guys with talent after the camp I realized he made no calls at all. Which I feel is very unprofessional. The tryout took place in DC at the Verizon center. I hadn’t played there since college against Georgetown. Overall it was a good experience and I thank God for it.

This past Monday I was called by a team named Salon Vilpas. This is a top League team in Finland who officially offered me a contract, after negotiations I accepted. So now I am in Finland, today I Practiced and will play tomorrow. My job is to be a leader, help the team to communicate more effectively and raise the moral. The first four games only left them with one win, but I am being seen as the one to help turn things around. I will step in and do what I have always done.

Click here to see the announcement from Court Side

I have only been here a day so I look forward to taking in all the sights and sounds Finland has to offer while being a dominant force on the court. A blog will soon be added to my website so you will be able to live through me, while I explore the world. Thank you for the continued support and love.

Keep looking out for more Hamm Camp activities to come.
If you have any ideas for activities you would like Hamm Camp to embark upon feel free to let us know.

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